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We have all heard that exercise is good for us. We also know how many studies prove the benefits of exercising. The fact that exercise is associated with health and well-being is an indisputable fact! I will not mention the classic that is how exercise improves the cardiorespiratory, immune and muscular systems. But I will give you 5 reasons to exercise during holidays.

Now, you will say to me “give us a break” or “the holidays are for us to relax completely” or “I am bored to follow a program in my holidays”. Firstly, I did not tell you to prepare for competitions, nor would I want you to set an alarm in order to run at dawn in the gym. You can choose mild and…painless solutions that will make you have a good time at the end of the day.

So, if you do exercise on your holidays:

  1. You are full of confidence and kept in shape

Now, all joking aside, don’t you feel perfect on the beach in a swimsuit after exercise? You walk with a different air, you feel toned and beautiful and you show off your beauty with more confidence. In the meantime, in order to stay in shape, you do not have to be brought on your knees. You can do a pilates program that will directly stimulate your abs and rejuvenate you. Or you can do 10 minute exercises for the buttocks or some variations of push ups. And do not tell me that you are not inspired by the “island of winds”! In Mykonos the accommodation and magical locations look ideal for such small activities.

  1. You keep your skin glowing and young

Exercise gives you vitality and stimulation and highlights your new and energetic self! In fact, according to studies, the substances that are secreted during exercise inhibit aging, as a result of which you look younger. It is no coincidence that the face of people who exercise is rosy and relaxed. In Mykonos, where day and night have many requirements, find the opportunity for some physical activity that will rejuvenate your skin, such as water sports. You can combine it with swimming at the beaches of Kalo Livadi, Elia, Paradise or elsewhere and be active without much effort.

  1. You improve the quality of sleep

You will need quality sleep in Mykonos which is the island that never sleeps! If you include a little exercise during the day you will be more likely to experience insomnia that comes from changing your routine and tenseness. Half an hour of swimming, a few weights in the gym or a few stretches will fill you up with energy and help your body relax when you lie in bed.

  1. You improve your love life

Believe me, here we are talking about the island where levels of libido are extremely high 24 hours a day! This is Mykonos! People who exercise have a better image of their body thus more… moods. Whether you are alone and flirting in beach clubs, or you are with your spouse / partner, with the inclusion of exercise you will have more energy, greater endurance and better performance!

  1. You can and you do commit eating sins

It is certain that you are visiting an island with top gastronomic options and you deserve to enjoy them! It is also clear that alcohol in Mykonos can be consumed to a greater extent earlier in the day. To people who exercise, these sins are forgiven more easily, as some of the calories they consume are “burned” during their effort. This is because exercise mobilizes the metabolism and reduces body fat. So, do some exercise during the day and let your palate feel rewarded for your summer discipline afterwards.

* For more advice or to provide exercise services, do not hesitate to contact me.