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I know you are excited about this trip and rightly so. Mykonos will enchant you and the day you leave it you may burst into tears! And all the other days of the year you will be thinking about when you will return to the island. It is no coincidence that almost all visitors of Mykonos come repeatedly and not just once. The personal trainer, however, will warn you about everything you need to know upon your arrival on the island so as not to be surprised and spend the dreamiest vacation of your life!


1. “ It’s blowing I tell you, it’s blowing!”

It has not been accidentally named the island of the winds. For us Greeks, who have experience in the Cycladic north winds, doesn’t seem strange, but just prepare for many beau forts! Believe me though, you do not want to reach Mykonos with apnea, because the heat is unbearable. The wind helps you to survive under the summer sun and not to suffocate among the crowds of the island. Equip yourself with a jacket for the evening hours and you will be fine. And you too girls, you will take the most beautiful photos with the cover ups, the kaftans and the salty hair because the Mykonian air will give your shots a playful move. And not a single word for a hair salon!

  1. “Have you made a reservation?”

Are you a last minute person? Do you decide where to swim an hour before? Do you go to eat in any restaurant they tell you is good last minute? Or do you go for a drink all of a sudden? If you said yes to any of the above then Mykonos is not for you! If you decide to go to places that are promoted by social media and here we are talking about it is worth going, just do not go without reservation because your access to the site will be impossible. The same if you want to go to an organized beach with sunbeds. You have to keep your deck chair! The same if you want to enjoy a cocktail in Little Venice. If everything I described now is too far from you, choose alternative places for food and drink as well as unorganized beaches. It has a little something for everyone. Another solution is also not to visit the island in July and August, months when Mykonos…. sinks! Also note that in places you go with a reservation there will probably be minimum consumption. And also note that you may be in the process of making a reservation and not find a table available! Be strong!

  1. “Can you take me to Ornos?”

The personal trainer will now tell you the hard truth that Mykonos cannot be stood without a means of transportation. If you have decided not to rent a car, take into account that taxis are around 30 and there are companies with vans that take you to the place you want after a phone call. For a distance of 10 minutes you will pay 25 euros and if you travel all day it is advantageous to rent a car or a quad bike because you will save long waits and a lot of money. And believe me you will move a lot during the day because the distances are long for both the beaches and the restaurants.

  1. “How much time will I make for Kalo Livadi?”

I already mentioned it to you. The distances are long in Mykonos. Okay, it is not Dubai, but it is not Koufonisia either, where you ride by bike at most! It is important to mention that during July and August there is incredible traffic at the roundabouts and you may need 30 minutes to go from the southern to the northern beaches of the island. The only solution I would suggest to travelers who do not want to drive is to make sure to stay in Mykonos Town and travel by bus to the beaches, which are modern, clean, affordable and with air conditioning. It will just make it difficult to visit many different places in your day.

  1. “Please do not throw paper in the toilet!”

If the sewerage system of Greece in general is tragic, in Mykonos it is something that will not remind you of providing services of high standards. You will see this sign everywhere and always in the toilets and it would be good to throw the papers in the bins if you want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the island. Commonly, if you forget there is a chance that the sewers will burst at sea or anywhere else, as has happened several times in the past.

  1. “Where are you going miss with the high-heels shoes?”

The personal trainer found an occasion from some English women who had booked at Interni Restaurant last year and left their room in a stiletto heel. I told them either change or buy flat sandals from the country because you will come back with a sprain. I will say the same to you, my dear. You will not be able to walk on the paved roads of Mykonos and also in beach clubs the high heels will sink in the sand. Heels can be put on hotel restaurants that have direct access and the occasion can lift it.

  1. “Offering 60 euros per sunbed”

Get ready to put your hand deep in your pocket in the island of winds. The cost to all the services is high, without this meaning that there are no options for different wallets. Mykonos is one of the most expensive destinations in the world but it manages in a magical way to make you very happy with its facilities.

  1. “Crystal clear waters!”

Mykonos has long periods of drought and the level of dams is falling dramatically. Commonly, it is rare to see rain in the island. This year, of course, when it snowed all over the country, the people of Mykonos had snowy memories from their island too (and that’s another thing), but the pumping of water from the dams due to the absence of rain becomes extremely limited. As you understand, dear visitor, in order for you to swim in your pool and relax in your jacuzzi, 24-hour desalination has to be done in Mykonos, in order to meet the needs in water of you and the numerous tourists.


The personal trainer who is a fan of Mykonos wishes you a good summer!